Gay-Friendly Bars and Nightclubs in Metro Detroit | (2023)

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Detroit’s gay scene is vibrant, diverse, and inclusive. Since the 1940s, the gay community in Detroit has shifted from convening in mostly underground spaces to out and proud ones welcoming all genders and sexual orientations. It’s been a long journey, but LGBTQ people have remained resilient. Cultivating spaces to let off steam and connect with the community has been an essential facet of progress.

From downtown Detroit to Royal Oak, Gay-Friendly nightlife reigns supreme. More diverse groups of people = more fun. These bars and nightclubs are filled with people who want to dance and let loose. Or just have a drink of their choice at the bar and chat. Or just sit quietly in the corner with friends and watch. It’s all okay and nobody cares – just do you. Try these LGBTQ bars and clubs for a guaranteed good time.

Gay-Friendly Bars & Clubs in Metro Detroit

Adam’s Apple

Oh, she’s understated and she’s fun! Adam’s Apple is a smaller space in Warrendale that is known for karaoke nights on Thursdays, so get those singing pipes tuned and ready to belt. It’s also more of a chatty bar where you can hold a nice conversation with your crew or a friendly stranger. Both owned and operated by trans women, Adam’s Apple is well-known as a welcoming space for trans folk. But of course, all are welcome at this quaint neighborhood bar.

Menjo’s Entertainment Complex

Madonna worshippers, this is where you want to be. Not only can you dance to a plethora of Madonna jams in one night here, but you can literally dance on the floor she danced on when she was 16 and unknown! WOW. As one of the oldest gay spaces in Detroit, this spot is true to its gay roots but is always open to anyone who wants to join the fun. Located in the former gay mecca of Detroit, Palmer Park, the complex includes the Menjo’s Bar, the Eagle Leather Bar, and the Olympus Theater. It’s definitely the place for a night of gay-oriented entertainment — the best kind!


Another Palmer Park hot spot, Inuendo specializes in entertainment, food, and drinks. People go wild for the chicken wings and at night the stage is packed with enthusiastic party-goers. As far as the music goes, Inuendo features mostly R&B and hip hop, so if that’s what gets you out of your chair, this place is for you.

Gigi’s Gay Bar

One of the best gay and drag bars in the city, Gigi’s is optimal for drinks and a show. Enjoy the lively cabaret performances on the lower level or dance the night away in their upstairs bar. It’s the perfect little dive for a night of outsized laughs and fun. Located in Dearborn off of Warren Avenue.

Woodward Bar and Grill

This is the oldest LGBTQ establishment in Detroit, serving the community since the 1960s. Photographs adorn the walls chronicle the fascinating lives of members of the community during politically and socially hostile times. Located in the heart of Midtown, the restaurant serves simple and delicious food to all kinds of customers during the day, and becomes more of an LGBTQ space after 5 p.m. It’s known for drawing a large black LGBTQ crowd and is welcoming to all walks of life.


Ferndale has been the center of gay life in Detroit since the 2000s and Soho is the classy yet casual spot for gay men, women and everyone in between right in the heart of the downtown area off West Nine Mile Road. The bar offers specialty cocktails and martinis, a lot of space for dancing, a pool table, and cool atmospheric lighting and decorations. The staff is friendly and the patrons are always there to have a great night. It’s perfect as your mainstay for the evening or as a nightcap. Look out for trivia nights and special events during the week as well.


Pronto! is a downtown Royal Oak bar that has been serving the LGBTQ community for decades. Open for lunch, the restaurant and bar offer patio seating and delicious, stacked deli sandwiches. At night the bar and back patio become lively and filled with gregarious night-goers. The dance floor is no joke on weekends, with LED lights cascading over the floor and the most iconic music videos playing all night long. From playing a classic Whitney to a dance-heavy Rihanna or Beyonce track this place won’t shy away from letting you have your moment on the floor. There is seating and some billiards tables near the dance floor as well for the more reserved patrons or if you need to catch your breath a little.

Eli Tea

Eli Tea is a modern tea café and specialty shop with a flagship store in downtown Birmingham, Michigan. They specialize in loose leaf tea (aka good and proper tea). Every day, they brew hundreds of cups of tea – hot, iced, tea lattes, bubble tea and even offer raw kombucha on tap. They also offer sober nightlife options like board game nights, drag queen bingo, and tarot card reading events.

Spot Lite

Spot Lite is an inclusive bar and gallery space whose mission is to foster a home of collaboration and creativity for the enjoyment of all people. Catch Dj sets, live music, art installations, and overall good vibes.

The Royce

The Royce is a minority and female-led business committed to values of equality and inclusivity. They are a retail shop and wine bar hybrid, and their selection is curated to highlight the best, small-batch producers from all major wine regions of the world. The Royce’s sister establishment is butcher shop and restaurant in Detroit’s West Village,Marrow, andMink, a seafood-centric eatery in Corktown. Keep your eyes on their Instagram feed for a heads up on their monthly LGBTQ+ soirées.

Temple Bar

This dive bar has been a local staple for more than 25 years and offers a welcoming atmosphere. Stop in for cheap drinks, karaoke, and dancing.

Temple Bar, @jonbilous

There’s nothing these bars and nightclubs love more than seeing a great turnout. Whether you’re gay, straight, bi, trans, or queer, these are great establishments to make a night of and interact with a diverse community. Be sure to check out Detroit LGBTQ organizations like the Ruth Ellis Center and Affirmations as well, which are providing services for homeless and questioning LGBTQ youth in the Detroit area.

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    Temple Bar

    2906 Cass Ave., Detroit, MI 48201


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    Inuendo, East Savannah Street, Detroit, MI, USA


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    (Video) Dancing, drugs and death – The excesses of Berlin’s club culture | DW Documentary

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LGBTQ Bars & Nightlife

Detroit is booming with activity and change, including tried-and-true hot spots for every gender identity, age and interest. Check out these music clubs, sports venues, bars and entertainment options for an amazing night out in The D.

Does Detroit have a good nightlife? ›

Trendy venues in downtown core offer the best nightlife in Detroit, with everything from delicious cocktails and gaming options to sweeping rooftop views of the city – so there is something for everyone to choose from. Get ready for some serious fun!

Is Detroit a Republican or Democrat city? ›

Areas of Democratic strength include the cities of Detroit, Ann Arbor, Lansing, Flint, Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, and Muskegon, as well as many of those cities’ inner ring suburbs.

What is the male to female ratio in Detroit? › Detroit, MI Demographic Statistics

Number Percent
Male 298,276 31.4
Female 357,285 37.6
21 years and over 615,549 64.7
62 years and over 115,934 12.2

116 more rows What is Devil’s Night in Detroit Michigan? ›

The night before Halloween — on October 30, was once considered Devil’s Night in Detroit. Devil’s Night for Detroiters was marked with flames and fear, but later was recognized as an example of the power of community.

Where do celebrities hang out in Detroit? › Best Celebrity Hangout near me in Detroit, MI

  • All “celebrity hangout” results in Detroit, MI. Showing 1-60 of 191.
  • Cafe D’Mongo’s Speakeasy. 2.9 mi. 206 reviews. …
  • BARDA Detroit. 1.0 mi. 104 reviews. …
  • Downtown Louie’s. 2.8 mi. 297 reviews. …
  • Northern Lights Lounge. 0.8 mi. …
  • The Sugar House. 2.3 mi. …
  • Candy Bar. 2.8 mi. …
  • Standby. 3.0 mi.

Is Devil’s Night still a thing in Detroit? ›

Michiganders, especially those from Detroit, are very familiar with Devil’s Night. However, Devil’s Night isn’t very widely known outside the Mitten.

Is Detroit a white city? ›

In the two years following the uprisings, it is estimated that nearly 150,000 white Detroiters fled for the suburbs. Between 1970 and 1980, Detroit flipped from a majority white city to a majority Black city.

Is Detroit rich or poor? ›

Is Detroit One Of The Poorest Cities In America? Because research shows that nearly 1 in 3 residents of the city lives below the poverty line. Making this one of the most impoverished cities in our country.

Is Detroit a religious city? ›

According to a 2014 study, 67% of the population of Detroit identified themselves as Christians, with 49% professing attendance at Protestant churches, and 16% professing Roman Catholic beliefs, while 24% claim no religious affiliation. Other religions collectively make up about 8% of the population.

What is white flight Detroit? ›

Defined simply as the net movement of white and middle class families from central cities to suburbs, this flight has long been recognized. Table 1 shows popula- tion trends by race for officially designated urban areas from 1950 to 1970.

What US city has the highest female to male ratio? ›

U.S. metropolitan areas with the highest percentage of female population 2019. The statistic shows the top 50 metropolitan areas of the United States with the highest share of the female population in 2019. In 2019, Jackson in Missouri ranked first with 52.3 percent of residents being women.

Where is the highest girl to guy ratio? ›

Qatar has the highest sex ratio, with three males per woman, followed by the United Arab Emirates, having 222 men per 100 women. Third-ranked Oman, too, has almost two males per woman. The top three and Bahrain, Maldives, and Kuwait have male to female ratio above 150.

What is goosey night? ›

Goosey Night (plural Goosey Nights) (around New York City) A particular night, commonly the night of 30 or 31 October, during which young people play pranks and do mischief in their neighborhoods.

Why are there flashing green lights in Detroit? ›

Project Green Light started in 2016 as a potential crime intervention tool. It originally targeted gas stations since they were seen as crime hot spots, but it has expanded to include fast food restaurants, churches, apartment buildings and more.

Why is it called Gate night? ›

So called because the Gates of Hell supposedly opened up the night before Halloween. This would allow demons to wander towns and cause mischief.

Where is the red light district in Detroit? ›

Detroits Red Light District 2, 26530 W 8 Mile Rd, Southfield, MI, Building Materials – MapQuest.

Where do rich people in Detroit live? ›

Birmingham, Michigan is perhaps the wealthiest suburb of Detroit. This is enough to put it right near the top for us. It is located 20 miles north of the center of Detroit along the Woodward corridor.

Who is the most famous person to come out of Michigan? ›

They named author and filmmaker Michael Moore as the most famous celeb from the Great Lakes State. Here’s what they had to say about him: Filmmaker and author Michael Moore is one of Michigan’s best-known native sons. He was born in Flint, Michigan, in 1954, and grew up in the suburb of Davison.

Is there still a techno scene in Detroit? ›

Techno is part of the Detroit hearts that continue to pulse in clubs, warehouses and intimate home venues all year long.

What happens on Devil’s night? ›

Traditionally, city youths engaged in a night of mischievous or petty criminal behavior, usually consisting of minor pranks or acts of mild vandalism (such as egging, soaping or waxing windows and doors, leaving rotten vegetables or flaming bags of canine feces on stoops, or toilet papering trees and shrubs) which …

Is Detroit a ghost town now? ›

The city’s population peaked in 1950 with a population of 1.85 million but in 2020 that had fallen to only 640,000 – that’s a fall from around 700,000 in the 2010 census. Its decline led to the largest municipal bankruptcy in US history. Today only around a third of its population remains to call Detroit home.

Is Detroit good for singles? ›

According to a recent study, Detroit has a higher percentage of singles than any other city in the US.

Is Michigan Tech LGBT friendly? ›

Michigan Tech is committed to providing a living, learning, and working environment that is free from discrimination and harassment. There are a number of policies on campus that prohibit such behavior: The Michigan Tech Equal Opportunity Statement.

What state is Lgbtq friendly most? › Safest U.S. States for LGBTQ Immigrants

  1. California & Vermont. Safety Index Score: 100. Positives for California: …
  2. Maryland. Safety Index Score: 97. Positives for Maryland: …
  3. Washington. Safety Index Score: 94. Positives for Washington: …
  4. Illinois & Oregon. Safety Index Score: 92. Positives for Illinois:

Is Chicago a good place for LGBTQ? ›

Chicago has a way of making everyone feel welcome. Our LGBTQ+ communities, friendly residents, diverse nightlife, and year-long Pride celebrations make us one of the most inclusive cities in the country.

What salary do you need to live in Detroit? ›

0 Children 2 Children
Required annual income after taxes $27,571 $84,442
Annual taxes $6,134 $18,788
Required annual income before taxes $33,705 $103,230

7 more rows What part of Detroit is the safest? ›

What is this? For your safety, stick to the Downtown and Midtown neighborhoods of Detroit. These areas have a dense concentration of tourist activities and are generally safe from the horrific violent crime of the impoverished suburbs.

What is the most LGBT friendly school? › These universities have also all been featured in the QS World University Rankings® 2021.

  • The Ohio State University. …
  • University of Colorado at Boulder. …
  • University of Massachusetts Amherst. …
  • University of Oregon. …
  • University of Pennsylvania. …
  • University of Washington. …
  • Princeton University. …
  • Pennsylvania State University.

Is MSU LGBT friendly? ›

MSU is the only campus in the country to offer residence hall neighborhood-based LGBTQA+ social and support organizations.

Can you room with the opposite gender at MSU? ›

MSU has Gender Inclusive Housing floors in most neighborhoods on campus. Students will be able to indicate they want to live in a Gender Inclusive Housing space when going through the housing selection or assignment process.

Where is the best place for LGBT to live? › Research also shows that the gay population skews younger, with just 23% age 50 or older….

Top 10 most LGBT-friendly places to retire in America

  1. New Orleans, Louisiana. …
  2. West Palm Beach, Florida. …
  3. Tucson, Arizona. …
  4. Toledo, Ohio. …
  5. Alexandria, Virginia. …
  6. Tempe, Arizona. …
  7. Fort Lauderdale, Florida. …
  8. Austin, Texas.

What is the Viagra Triangle in Chicago? ›

looking north from Chestnut and surroundings.” It takes us up and down Chicago’s party street, including what’s now famous as the Viagra Triangle—the area between Rush, State, and whatever east-west street to the south you think defines its third leg.

What is the gayborhood of Chicago? ›

Boys Town presently serves as the best-known Chicago gayborhood, and the center of its LGBT culture. Gentrification has pushed many gay and lesbian people to reside ever further north into Uptown, Edgewater and Rogers Park.


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