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When it comes to getting rid of rats, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Each situation is unique and will require a different approach. If you’re looking for a way to get rid of rats permanently, then look no further than our pest control services. We provide a variety of methods to keep your home free of these pesky creatures, so you can rest assured knowing that your family is safe from their dangers. Call us today to learn more about how we can help you!

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Are You Worried about Spiders?

At ABC Spider Pest Control, we specialise in safe and effective solutions for all of your spider pest problems. No matter how big or small the issue may be, our team in Yellow Rock Sydney will take care of it quickly and efficiently. We pride ourselves on providing quality service at an affordable price, and our friendly staff will always go above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction. Don’t wait any longer. Call us today!

Who Best Bed Bug Exterminators?

Bed bugs are small, parasitic insects that feed on human and animal blood. They can be tough to cure with insecticides since these pesky critters will hide in any place! Many people think that it is impossible to remove pests in Australia, but the pest control Yellow Rock professionals are here to help. We offer affordable rates and flexible scheduling, so do not hesitate to give us a call. We will work with you to create a custom plan that will get rid of those bed bugs for good!

The Best Ways to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

If you’re looking for a company that can provide you with a customised treatment plan for your bed bug problem, look no further than ABC Pest Control Yellow Rock. Our team of certified experts will work with you to create a unique plan that will get rid of those pesky bugs for good. So don’t wait any longer. Call us today and get started on the road to recovery!

Cockroaches in the Neighborhood?

Cockroaches are not only a nuisance, but they can also be dangerous. These insects carry germs on their bodies that can cause disease. In addition, cockroaches can damage furniture and contaminate food. If you have a cockroach problem in your home, it’s important to call a professional pest control Yellow Rock company like ours. We can get rid of cockroaches quickly and safely, without damaging your home or leaving behind any stains or odours. So if you’re looking for the best cockroach control in Yellow Rock Sydney, call us today!

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Do You Know How to Get rid of Fleas?

Fleas are not only unpleasant, but they can also carry diseases like the plague. A flea infestation should be treated quickly to prevent it from spreading throughout your home. If you think you have a problem, come see us now. Our team would love to help get rid of the fleas and prevent future problems.

At ABC Pest Control Yellow Rock, we know how to get rid of those pesky fleas. They’re small brownishinsectsthat live by sucking blood from mammals and birds, but they can be one tough customer! A single flea could cause an infestation in your home, so it’s important to act quickly if you think you have a problem. Call us today for more information on our flea control services.

Why are there Drain Flies?

If you’re looking for a safe and effective way to get rid of drain flies, look no further than our team at pest control Yellow Rock Sydney. We offer top-notch pest control services that will eliminate these pesky pests from your home for good! We use eco-friendly products to ensure that you, your family and your pets are protected against potential health risks. So don’t hesitate to contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our specialists. We’ll find a solution that’s perfect for your specific needs.

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What is Mice Pest Control?

Mice are a common pest in many commercial settings, including offices and warehouses. These pests can cause damage to property and spread disease, which is why it’s important to call a professional pest control company like ABC Pest Control Yellow Rock when you first notice them. Our expert technicians will quickly eliminate the mice from your premises, preventing their return. With our speedy results and excellent customer service, you’ll never regret calling us!

Is it Necessary to Have a Termite Inspection?

There are many different types of pests that can cause problems for homeowners in Sydney. One of the most common and destructive pests is the termite. Termites can quickly infest an area and cause extensive damage to homes and other structures. If you think you may have a termite problem, it is important to contact a professional pest control company like ours. We can provide you with the treatment you need to get rid of these pests and protect your home from further damage. Contact us today to learn more about our services and to schedule a consultation.

Possum Removal: Who Do You Call?

Our pest control Yellow Rock is the best team to call when you have a pest problem such as possum. Our team of certified exterminators will get rid of any pests quickly and efficiently. We remove any droppings or damage left behind by the pests. Just give us a call and tell us what type of pest problem you have, and we’ll take care of everything else!

Wasp Nest Removal?

Wasps are attracted to sweet smells, so keep food and drinks covered when outdoors. They are usually active during the day, so be extra vigilant during these times. If you find a wasp nest in your backyard or near people who will be living there, it is important to remove it as soon as possible. Wasps can be dangerous, so it is best to call a pest control specialist to deal with the problem. Our pest control Yellow Rock team prides itself on providing the best possible pest control experience.

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Ant Problems: Who Can Help?

There are a variety of ants in Australia that can be quite pesky. If you’re looking for an expert to get rid of them, then ABC Pest Control Yellow Rock is the company that will take care of all your needs. We offer chemical spraying as well as barrier treatments to keep houses clean from unwanted visitors! In addition, we also offer a wide range of services to commercial businesses, such as restaurants and offices. So if you’re worried about an ant problem, then don’t hesitate to contact us today!

Where Can You get Pantry Moth Exterminators?

Pantry moths are a big problem for many families. They not only invade your food, but they also can create a huge mess. They look for dark and quiet places to hide, which makes it difficult to get rid of them.

If you think you might have a pantry moth infestation, don’t wait to call us. The longer you wait, the worse the problem will become. We’ll come out and take care of the issue quickly and efficiently, so you can get back to your life without worrying about these pesky pests. Trust us, we know how to get rid of pantry moths for good!

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End of Lease Pest Control?

If you’re looking forpest controlservices in Yellow Rock, look no further than ABC End of Least Pest Control. We offer a variety of treatments to ensure that you get your bond back when leaving an apartment or rental property. So call our friendly and knowledgeable specialists today if you need end-of-lease pest control. We’re always here to help. Just let us know what needs to be done!

Our team of pest control specialists are dedicated to providing the highest quality of service possible. We understand that dealing with pests can be a stressful experience, so we go above and beyond to make sure our clients are satisfied with our work.

Fill a five-gallon bucket with soapy water and hang a protein bait, like a small amount of fish, liver, or canned chicken, a few inches above the water. The yellowjackets will come to feed on the protein, grab a bit that’s too heavy to fly with, slip into the water, and die.

What kills yellow jackets fast? ›

Treat the nest with pyrethrum aerosols such as Stryker 54 Contact Aerosol or PT 565. Pyrethrum forms a gas that will fill the cavity, killing the yellow jackets on contact. Wait until the aerosol is dry, and then dust in the opening with insecticide dust such as Tempo Dust. The dust will prevent future hatch outs.

What is the best yellow jacket bait? ›

The foraging yellowjackets need the protein in order to feed their young. Canned white chicken meat is a very successful protein bait, preferred over pet food and fish. In the late summer and early fall, the yellowjackets prefer sweet baits. Sweet drinks like sodas or juices are effective.

How far will yellow jackets chase you? ›

The average person can definitely outrun a yellow jacket, but you may need to run a fair distance. Some yellow jackets have chased people up to a mile. Do not run inside your home or a business. The yellow jackets will most definitely follow you into buildings.

What does Dawn dish soap do to yellow jackets? ›

Soap & Water

Some wasp removal experts say that you can handle small hanging nests with a bit of soapy water. Mix 2 tablespoons of dish soap in a spray bottle and fill with water. The soap will clog their spiracles, the pores that they breathe through, and will kill them almost immediately.

What smell do yellow jackets hate? ›

Peppermint oil: Yellow jackets are not fond of mint-based herbs like spearmint and peppermint. The great thing about peppermint oil is that it naturally repels all sorts of pests, including yellow jackets, wasps, flies and spiders.

Will yellow jackets eventually go away? ›

Ultimately, all of the yellow jackets die at the end of fall except for a new queen, which remains underground during winter, to start a new colony in the spring.

What makes yellow jackets go away? ›

The smell of peppermint is a yellow jacket repellant. Combine a few drops of pure peppermint oil, a few tablespoons of dish soap and warm water in a spray bottle. Locate any active wasp nests and carefully spray the concoction around the entrance.

What time of day are yellow jackets most active? ›

The best time to look is after the day has warmed up – usually after 10 a.m. – when the yellowjackets are actively flying in and out of their nest. Yellowjackets are most active between 10 am and 4 pm, weather dependent. If the weather is too cold or too hot, yellowjacket activity will be a little sluggish.

What attracts yellow jackets to house? ›

If you leave goodies outside on a deck, or open cans of soda or other sweet drinks, you will attract yellow jackets. Wearing perfume or sweet-smelling cologne, shampoo, body spray, etc., will also attract these insects. Eliminating sweet smells on your property will help keep yellow jackets away.

How many entrances does a yellow jacket nest have? ›

Their nests are usually built under eaves, while yellow jackets most often will build their nests in the ground. The appearance of yellow jacket and paper wasp nests also differs. Paper wasp nests look like honeycombs with multiple openings, while yellow jacket nests have a single opening.

How many times will a yellow jacket sting you? ›

Yellow jackets don’t usually leave stingers in your skin. Because of this, they can sting you multiple times, unlike bees. Bees leave their stingers in your skin, so they can only sting you once.

What temperature kills yellow jackets? ›

Yellow jackets are far more tolerant of cold weather than bees, but they can’t survive a true winter. Yellow jacket workers die after 5-7 days of temperatures 45 degrees Fahrenheit or colder. The new queen, who will create next year’s colony, survives by burrowing deep into the ground where she hibernates until spring.

What happens to yellow jackets when nest is destroyed? ›

As with most stinging insects, yellow jackets will attack if their nest is disturbed or they feel threatened. Unlike bees, they don’t lose their stinger during the act, allowing them to sting numerous times once they decide to attack.

Does Pine Sol keep yellow jackets away? ›

If you have a problem with wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, or bees, Pine Sol can spare you from painful stings. Remember not to use it on honey bees – we need them to help pollinate our food plants – but for other hive insects, spray full strength Pine Sol as an insecticide.

Does pouring gas on yellow jacket nest? ›

One more point to mention – under no circumstances should you attempt to kill yellow jackets by pouring gasoline or other generic chemicals into the nest. Doing so will poison the ground, killing both plants and animals. It may also prove to be a fire or health hazard to humans.

How does apple cider vinegar get rid of yellow jackets? ›

Pour ½ cup of water into the bottle. Add the sugar and shake the liquid until the sugar dissolves completely. Once the sugar is dissolved, add the apple cider vinegar and shake well. Add the banana peel (decaying fruit attracts yellow jackets), and then more water until the bottle is about halfway full.

Do coffee grounds repel yellow jackets? ›

Insect Repellent

Most bugs have a very strong sense of smell. Since coffee grounds are very potent, it’s a perfect repellent to fight off those pests.

Are yellow jackets active at night? ›

They are most active during the day and return to their nest at night, which means the chances of being stung are reduced when it’s dark. Spraying yellow jackets: Spraying a yellow jackets’ nest with over-the-counter insecticide can be very dangerous.

What eats yellow jackets? ›

Small Mammals

Like bears, skunks gain a large percentage of their dietary protein from insects and are one of the yellow jacket’s main predators. Depending where you live, moles, shrews and badgers will also consume yellow jackets in their nests.

Do yellow jackets come back in the same place every year? ›

Yellow jackets and hornets do NOT reuse the same nest the following year. All that is left is harmless paper. Some people like to caulk cracks, close up holes, fill in holes in the yard, or remove old nests from last year. April is a perfect time to do this because there are no nests in milder climates.

Do yellow jackets come back to the same nest every year? ›

Yellowjackets and other wasp species do not use the same nest again the following year. New queens start a new nest each spring; although a favorable nest site maybe chosen year after year if adequate space is available.

Can yellow jackets damage your house? ›

Typically, yellow jackets do not cause structural damage to homes. They might, however, build nests in attics or walls and defend them. On occasion, the pests chew through drywall to enter living spaces. If disturbed when they are out foraging or protect their hives, yellow jackets will defend themselves.

How do I get rid of yellow jackets behind my house siding? ›

Next time you have a yellow jacket nest in a wall void or behind siding use a rat glue tray to block the entry for a second just long enough to snag one yellow jacket. Then, leave the glue board as close as possible to the entry point.

What month do yellow jackets build nests? ›

Yellow jackets are typically noticed around late June or early July. From that point on the Queen will remain inside the nest laying additional eggs throughout the summer.

How do you not get stung by yellow jackets when mowing? ›

First, walk around before you mow, just to make sure there is no bee activity near the ground. (Make sure you wear shoes doing this.) If you see a nest, make a mental note of where it is and quietly walk away from the area. Don’t run — walk softly as any vibration will cause them to stir.

Why are yellow jackets so bad this year? ›

But no matter where you live, from the tundras of Alaska to the humid South, you might be seeing many more yellow jackets than in years past. That’s because, due to climate change, winters are no longer cold or long enough in some places to control the insects’ populations as they have in the past.

What kills underground yellow jackets? ›

To kill yellow jackets and hornets underground, use Ortho® Bugclear™ Insect Killer For Lawns & Landscapes Concentrate. It can be used in a tank sprayer or with the Ortho® Dial N Spray® Hose End Sprayer to kill on contact and keep stinging insects from coming back to their nest for 6 months.

What is the best liquid to put in a wasp trap? ›

Bait the Trap

Use a few inches of sugar water, water with jam, soda, fruit juice or another sweet liquid in the summer and fall months. Adding honey will attract honeybees, so it’s important not to use this as a sweet bait. Add a bit of vinegar to the mix to keep bees out of your trap.

How high should you hang yellow jacket traps? ›

Trap Height.

Most traps are usually placed between the 5 – 8 feet off the ground.

How do you prevent yellow jacket nests? ›

Clear your area of food sources.

Yellowjackets will be lured by nearby food sources, including any food left out or in trash cans. Keep outdoor areas as clear of food or trash to help deter yellowjackets from building another nest nearby.

How do you find a yellow jacket nest in your house? ›

If you can’t spot any yellow jackets flying, you can try luring them with food and then following them back to their nests. Place the food in a shallow dish near where you think nests might be, and then watch the food trap. Yellow jackets should eventually show up near the food.

Do yellow jackets eat mosquitoes? ›

As scary as they are, most kinds of yellow jackets and other wasps, such as bald-faced hornets, are beneficial because they eat astounding numbers of aphids, mosquitoes, caterpillars, houseflies and a host of other insect pests.

What happens if you block the entrance to a yellow jackets nest? ›

Many people will attempt to kill a nest simply by plugging the entry hole from the outside. This almost always results in a home or business full of bees. Yellow jackets never just lie down and die. If their primary entry point is blocked, they will always look for another way out.

What animal will dig up a yellow jacket nest? ›

This also applies to shy skunks, possibly opossums, and even armored armadillos. These creatures also love to dig up yellowjacket nests and eat that precious, precious protein.

Can I leave a yellow jacket nest alone? ›

If a nest is located where it is out of the way and not likely to be disturbed, it is best left alone. If, however, a nest is located in a “high traffic” area such as along walks or near doorways, control is justified to reduce the threat of being stung.

What happens to yellow jackets in the winter? ›

Winter. Freezing weather kills yellow jackets. In winter, a nest will only survive if it is in a temperature-controlled environment, like an attic space, garage, heated shed, or a wall void. When a yellow jacket nest survives the winter, the nest continues to grow.

Where do yellow jackets go in the winter? ›

The life cycle of the yellow jacket nest begins in winter, when fertilized yellow jacket queens go into hibernation. Queens hibernate in covered natural locations such as tree stumps and hollow logs, although they may also choose manmade structures for shelter.

Does Toothpaste Help yellow jacket stings? ›

There’s no real scientific evidence that toothpaste can help bee stings. However, people claim that the alkaline toothpaste (high pH) neutralizes the acidic honey bee venom (low pH). If this is true, however, toothpaste won’t work on wasp venom, which is alkaline.

What household item kills yellow jackets? ›

Use protein bait

Fill a five-gallon bucket with soapy water and hang a protein bait, like a small amount of fish, liver, or canned chicken, a few inches above the water. The yellowjackets will come to feed on the protein, grab a bit that’s too heavy to fly with, slip into the water, and die.

What time of year are yellow jackets the worst? ›

Yellowjackets are about 0.5 inches long. But they can sure throw their weight around — as you know, if you’ve ever ducked them at a backyard barbecue, or shied away from them as they swarmed around a public trash can. Late summer and early fall is when they’re most active.

How long does a yellow jacket live? ›

Yellow jacket colony members have varying life expectancies. Most adults will live for the entire season. However, some workers will only live between 12-22 days. Male yellow jackets will die after mating.

How many yellow jacket queens in a nest? ›

Each nest is created by a single queen, and at the end of the season, many new queens exit the nest and find a spot to hibernate for the winter.

Will vinegar get rid of yellow jackets? ›

White distilled vinegar or apple cider vinegar both work equally well for repelling wasps without killing them. Spray bottles are inexpensive and can be found at any home improvement, convenience, or general merchandise store. Wear protective clothing.

What smells do wasps and yellow jackets hate? ›

Peppermint oil on its own has been shown to act as a natural repellent for wasps and bees, or you can use a combination of clove, geranium, and lemongrass essential oils as a natural pest control method.

What smell do wasps hate? ›

Research has shown that a combination of clove, geranium and lemon grass essential oils effectively repels wasps. You can combine several drops of each oil in soapy water then transferring it to a spray bottle.

What ingredient kills yellow jackets? ›

Pyrethrins can be used to quickly knock down guard wasps at the nest entrance and to kill yellowjackets in aerial nests when they must be destroyed in the daytime.

Should I destroy a yellow jacket nest? ›

Yellow jackets become more aggressive as early fall approaches making them more likely to sting, which is why if you have a nest on your property now is the time to treat or remove it.

Do mothballs repel yellow jackets? ›

Spread them around the picnic area, give them to guests to put in their pockets or rub the scent on skin and clothing. Mothballs –Mothballs are an effective bee and wasp repellent and can be placed around the picnic site.

Does soapy water get rid of yellow jackets? ›

The fact is, ordinary liquid soap in a spray bottle works as well as anything I’ve ever tried when it comes to dropping and killing wasps around the house.

What eats wasps? ›

Many wasps fall into the hands of predators like dragonflies, centipedes, hoverflies, beetles, spiders, moths, praying mantis, and robber flies. Spiders have special techniques for hunting wasps. They catch these insects using their webs and, after hunting, eat them slowly over time.

What color keeps yellow jackets away? ›

For best results, wear white. This lack of color will typically make bees and wasps leave you alone. In fact, the next time you see a beekeeper, you’ll know exactly why the outfit is white.

What color are wasps afraid of? ›

Bees and wasps instinctively perceive dark colors as a threat. Wear white, tan, cream, or gray clothing as much as possible and avoid black, brown, or red clothes. Bees and wasps see the color red as black, so they perceive it as a threat.

What color keeps wasps away? ›

The other step I highly recommend is to paint eaves and porch and patio ceilings with the color called haint blue. It is a robin’s-egg blue that, according to Southern tradition, discourages wasps from building nests on its surface. Every paint manufacturer sells a version of this color.

What color do wasps hate the most? ›

Although there’s not one single colour that will repel wasps, wearing pale or light shades is your best bet to not attract them.


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