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So young fellas!! Are you planning a stag party abroad?? Why not consider a stag party in Poland?

It’s a fantastic location and you’ll get everything a stag party needs for a fantastic time with your pals!!

Why is Poland good for Stag Parties?

Located in Central Europe, Poland is a beautiful country. It’s a mixture of culture, epic activities, buzzing nightlife and offers great prices (cheaper) making it an incredible stag party destination.

Culture in Poland

The country has an interesting history and plenty of cultural attractions for you to visit. If you and your buddies enjoy soaking up a little culture and history or maybe you’re looking for a change or respite from partying and exhilarating activities, you’ll be happy to know that every city of Poland is bursting with things to see and do. You can simply stroll by the lively Main Square’s or marvel at the incredible architecture every city of Poland has to offer.

Nightlife in Poland

If you’re planning a night of fun and partying, then Poland is a great choice. The city of Krakow offers the best nightlife experience in Poland. There are lots of bars, pubs and clubs where you can enjoy your stag evening or party all night with your pals.

Food in Poland

Traditional Polish cuisines are a must try if you’re visiting Poland. If you happen to be a fan of hearty and flavoursome stews, then you’ll surely relish Bigos stew (hunter’s stew), considered the national dish of Poland. The dish is prepared using ingredients like spicy sausage, meat, sauerkraut, shredded fresh cabbage and lots of flavour. Other traditional polish foods to try are the tasty Pierogi and delicious chicken dishes. So, there are plenty of food options for you and your buddies to line your stomachs with before a big night out.

Weather in Poland

January and February are the coldest months of the year in Poland. The temperatures during winter can drop below freezing point. But as the spring season sets in March the weather begins to warm up and July is usually the warmest month of the year. Therefore the months starting from March to December make an excellent time to visit Poland for your stag weekend or party.

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Festivals in Poland suitable for a Stag do

If you and your friends enjoy the festive atmosphere then you’ll be happy to know there are plenty for you to attend in Poland. You can connect anyone great festival of your choice with your stag weekend party.

Here is a list of a few festivals which you may like to attend, else there are many more

  • Hip Hop Festival Krakow
  • Chocolate Festival
  • Wine Festival
  • Krakow Film Festival
  • Beer Week Krakow
  • Krakow Live Festival
  • Unsound Krakow

Popular Cities in Poland for a Stag Party


Krakow is the party capital of Poland. The city has an amazing choice of pubs and bars within stumbling distance of each other with fantastic food options. You can also visit the Kazimierz area, there are a lot of bars and pubs here and offers a perfect atmosphere and ambience to enjoy a stag party.

During the day, you and your group of friends can visit a few historical and cultural places in the city, such as the beautiful Market Square and Royal Castle, both of which are worth seeing. There are many stag activities to enjoy in Krakow, we have written about them in the next section below.

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The city of Gdansk is home to some of the hippest clubs in Europe and also offers amazing activities on land and sea. Along with nearby Sopot and Gdynia, Gdansk has also known as the Tri-City – three awesomely cool cities on the beachfront known for their party attitude and buzzing nightlife. You can also enjoy adrenaline-packed activities like jet-skiing, motor-boats, banana-rings and other water sports. So, if you’re planning a summer stag without breaking the bank, then Gdansk is exactly what you and the boys are looking for.


The capital of Poland has pretty much everything you could dream for your stag party. With its massive nightlife, superb restaurants and loads of activities to indulge in you’ll be laughing for days. Besides this, you can enjoy some unique activities only in Warsaw like Drift Karting or Tank Driving.

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Known as the ‘Venice of Poland’, Wroclaw is an awesome destination for your stag party. The city has a wide selection of pubs and clubs suited to every kind of taste in music. It is also a paradise for beer lovers as it is home to the biggest brewery. So, if you and your buddies are interested in all-nighters getting smashed in a bar and all-dayers chilling in the picturesque old town, Wroclaw is for you. Wroclaw is also home to unique stag do activities like target shooting with the legendary Kalashnikov rifle AK47, boat parties, and traditional Polish vodka tasting, to name a few.


Small but mighty!! Poznan may look quaint but as a stag party destination, it has loads of Eastern European charm to offer. The town has its own share of bars and clubs where you and your buddies can enjoy a great night out. During the day, you can also explore the Market Square and relish traditional Polish dishes. Last but not least, Poznan offers unique traditional stag do activities like Husky Sledding. Other activities you can try are Paintball, Go-Karting and target shooting.

So, these are the five cities in Poland which are the best for your stag weekend or party. The choice is yours, make it wisely. You can enjoy a great stag party in Poland with your buddies at a fraction of the cost as compared to anywhere in Europe.

Select a city in Poland according to your needs and character of the group because stag groups are never the same and each has its own unique choices. Whichever city you choose, you are assured of having a great time in Poland.

Stag Do Ideas and Activities in Poland


This is an extremely popular stag activity that is loved by many groups. It’s one of those activities which allows you to bond with your buddies and at the same time unleash a little competitiveness. Choose one of the exciting scenarios – building defence, capturing the flag or saving the president. Split into teams and see who comes out as a winner.

Go Karting

Every bachelor enjoys competing and high-speed driving. Try your luck and driving skills and beat your mates in a go-karts race. You can make this activity interesting by enforcing ‘the loser has to buy the first round’ rule. So, may the best and fastest man win!

Mixed Shooting

This is a rare opportunity to experience shooting with an AK-47 Kalashnikov. Get an experience and feeling of the former Soviet Union. During the activity, you will lay your hands on an AK47 Kalashnikov, Glock and Pump gun. This indoor activity is guided by an experienced instructor and is available in different bullet packages.

Quad Biking

If you have never driven a car here’s your chance to do it within minutes. These mini cars are equipped with a fully automatic gearbox, manual accelerator and brakes and one axle drive which is more than enough to have great fun. During the activity you are protected by a special outfit and you can challenge any pond or mud route, uphill and downhill routes.

You can make this activity more memorable by choosing the capital of the Polish mountains, Zakopane. You can enjoy an unforgettable escapade with your mates in the mountains on quads bikes. After the outing, you can relax in the thermal baths. And later in the evening enjoy cold beer, regional food and dancing in one of the nightclubs.

Active Rafting

This is a dynamic sort of rafting where you take part in activities that are based on mountain kayaking techniques. The tasks put you and your mates in unusual situations and accordingly you make your decisions and appreciate your creativity.

This is a great activity for those who want to tear themselves away from city noise and actively relax on the river lane near Wroclaw. You don’t require previous rafting experience and even if you cannot swim you can still enjoy this rafting experience.

The Pontoon boat can hold 6 people and are manned by an experienced river guide. After you finish rafting, you and your mates can enjoy a camp-fire and feast by the river.

Football Sparring

Forget about the FIFA World Cup, this is something even more exciting. If you play football and think you’re really good at the game then here’s your chance to show off your skills. This activity brings you face to face with opponents according to your level of skills. The game is played on a professional football ground (with artificial grass), along with a referee and changing rooms.

Bubble Football

This is another fun activity if you and your gang are a bunch of football lovers. This new form of entertainment is a combination of football and fun. Players play in special balls filled with the air and try to score a goal, often colliding with the members of the opposing team.

The game guarantees lots of laughter, lots of collisions and a solid dose of adrenaline. This activity can be played in an indoor hall or on a grass field. Even if you’re not a huge football fan, it’s still an extremely fun activity to enjoy with your buddies.

Disco or Pub Crawling

If you happen to be in Warsaw, then before visiting the night club, you can have fun in one of the Warsaw Casinos. This is a perfect way to warm up before a night full of excitement. Finally, end the night in style by hitting a popular pub or disco where you can showcase your best moves on the dance floor, have a few drinks and raise a toast to your friendship.

Beach party in Tri-City

Celebrating a beach party by the sea-side is always something special. During your stag weekend, you can take a Tri-City tour, which are Gdansk, Gdynia and Sopot, all are beautiful party towns. Besides clubbing you and your buddies can explore the main attractions in these cities and also go on a boat trip.

Cruise in Krakow

The city of Krakow is not only popular with history buffs, but also with young party goers. The best place to start your evening is at the Old Town. There are a lot of cafes here and you can enjoy a small snack or cold beer with your friends. The atmosphere here is simply amazing and a wonderful place to hang out with your buddies.

You can also cruise along the Vistula River and start the evening on a yacht. While enjoying the cruise you can engage in men talk, drink and admire the city from a different perspective. Later, you can hit one of the city’s night clubs and party the night away with your buddies.

So, this is a partial list of ideas and activities you can take up in Poland to enjoy your stag party. You can reach out to us at for a detailed list and we will help you plan your ideal stag party with your friends.

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