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Germany’s second largest city (but biggest stag do destination) is often cast into Berlin’s shadow – but luckily for you, that means Hamburg is less crowded and has more availability. With over 50 activities to choose from, dozens of accommodation options and beer for breakfast, lunch and dinner – we’ll see you there?


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If you’re considering a stag do in Hamburg, we can infer three things about you. 1) You love beer, 2) You love beautiful women and 3) You love a massive night out. All of which mean that you are our sort of guy. Germany’s second largest city is home to its very own Red Light District, Reeperbahn, as well as hundreds of quirky German bars and clubs. In fact, recently deemed Hamburg the best place in the world for a night out, beating the likes of Amsterdam, Berlin and Barcelona. If you’re wondering which nightlife area would best suit your group, read on. Oh, and bear in mind that ordering a ‘pint’ won’t get you very far; generally you will be served a litre (1.75 pints) or half-litre (0.87 pints) so take it easy… sort of.

If you’re after a more PG stag do, stop reading now. Often referred to as ‘Hamburg’s most sinful mile’, what goes on tour, must stay on tour, when hitting St. Pauli. Home to Hamburg’s answer to The Red Light District (Reeperbahn), St. Pauli is a district of the city draws stag dos in their masses, for obvious reasons. The main thoroughfare is made up of the ‘Red Light’ strip, much like Amsterdam’s, with its sex shops, erotic shows and red-lit windows. Other adjoining off-shoot streets play host to cabaret theatres, bars with live music and trendy restaurants. It’s also the spot where The Beatles famously started their career, back in 1960, so watch out for tribute bands springing up in every bar. Luckily for you, everything is within 930m of each other (trust us, we measured it and everything), meaning you won’t have to waste your time trying to arrange a taxi in your finest butchered GCSE German. FC St. Pauli play just around the corner in their home games at Millerntorstadion, so, as you can imagine, this area gets pretty rowdy on match days – and the atmosphere is like nothing you’ll have ever experienced before.

With a totally different vibe to St. Pauli, Sternschanze has a much more laid-back, hipster and refined atmosphere. Popular with more sophisticated stag groups, who still like their fair share of booze, live music and attractive women, but don’t fancy quite such an unruly night, Sternschanze is a bohemian lad pad. Through the day, Sternschanze has plenty of cool restaurants and bars whose menus have seriously good food on offer (to soak up some of that beer). Come nightfall, the district seamlessly transforms into a late night bar-heavy paradise, with neon lights and flaming drinks luring you in off the streets. This area draws more of a mixed crowd, including tourists, locals and Erasmus students alike, all absorbing the culture and getting drunk together.

We’ll sort your stag do activities and accommodation while you prep for the massive night ahead (and that not so pretty morning after…).


With the more chilled out Sternschanze area to its name, as well as the world-renowned red lights of the Reeperbahn, there’s something for all tastes in Hamburg. Here are our top 10 recommended stag do-friendly bars in the city.

Esplanade 6, 20354

The Hofbrauhaus group, which translates to ‘Royal Brewery’, started in sixteenth century Munich – and it’s a tradition that is continued today. Essentially, it’s one huge space where everyone drinks, eats and dances on the tables, all to a backdrop of live Oompah bands. There are two Hofbrauhauses in Hamburg, but the one we’d recommend the most is on the Esplanade – which was the first beer hall outside of Bavaria to open its doors. Serving freshly tapped Hofbrau beer from the original brewery in Munich, in an authentic German setting, you won’t get a more traditional setting than this – apart from being a p*ss up, it’s semi-cultural too. Despite its size, Hofbrauhaus can get really packed, especially on the weekends, which adds to its rowdy, beer-swilling vibe – make sure to get yourselves reserved tables before you head out.

  • No. of Bars: One huge bar

  • Sports:No

  • Beer Garden:No

  • Opening Times: Sun – Thurs: 10:00 – 01:00
    Fri – Sat: 10:00 – 02:00

  • Live Music:Yes, Oompah bands

  • Fancy Dress:Yes

We’ve all got that one mate who drinks the others under the table – and this bar will put him to the test. Illegal in many countries, Absinth is the Devil’s spirit. Literally. It’s either naturally green or colourless and is truly as potent as they come, sending you from totally sober to drunken legend in a few shots. If you’ve never been brave enough to try absinth, there’s no better time than on your stag do in Hamburg – and this Absinth Bar is the ultimate venue to lose your absinth virginity. The ambiance of the bar is minimalist, dark and moody, with a bright green glow (no, that’s not just the absinth skewing your vision). They’ve got a huge range of different absinths on the menu for you to try, all well-presented, some even flaming – but they’ll all end with you in the same state… on your back at half seven. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

  • No. of Bars: One

  • Sports:No

  • Beer Garden:No

  • Opening Times: Mon – Sun: 18:00 – late

  • Live Music:No

  • Fancy Dress:Yes, tasteful

Reeperbahn 136, 20359

‘Strictly no rules, just great tunes’ is a life mantra we’re happy to get on board with. Located on the Reeperbahn, you can experience a whole new genre of nightlife in Moondoo, which bills itself as Hamburg’s ‘fluid, wild and free nightclub’. The narrow, two-floored and half-timbered 19th century building could be mistaken from a scene on the latest Harry Potter set, except with less broomsticks and wizards, are more shots and rowdy clubbers. Inspired by cool, fabled 70s/80s New York nightclubs like The Roxy, Save The Robots, Dancetaria, and The Paradise Garage, this place does House, Funk and Electro like it’s never been done before. The widespread draw of Moondoo creates a pumped-up kaleidoscope of different walks of life, all letting their hair down to some huge tunes. Don’t mind if we Moon-doo…

  • No. of Bars: Three

  • Sports:No

  • Beer Garden:No

  • Opening Times: Thurs – Sat: 23:00 – 07:00

  • Live Music:Yes

  • Fancy Dress:Yes, tasteful

Juliusstraße 33, 22769

Why not try something a bit different, as you step back to the bygone era of proper vinyl in the effortlessly cool Le Fonque. Behind its mysterious black and red façade, this small and intimate joint has low leather seating and a suggestive shimmer under its neon-red lighting. This popular hangout for lively locals is super laid-back and hosts nightly DJs playing the very best in funk and soul to packed dancefloors. You’ll be pleased to hear that unlike surrounding bars, the drinks prices in Le Fonque are very pocked friendly, leaving extra cash in those stag do funds. When partying here, you’ve also got a whole range of eateries around the corner for those inevitable late-night munchies.

  • No. of Bars: One

  • Sports:No

  • Beer Garden:No

  • Opening Times: Sun – Thurs: 21:00 – 03:00
    Fri – Sat: 21:00 – 05:00

  • Live Music:Yes

  • Fancy Dress:Yes, tasteful

Paul-Roosen-Straße 27, 22767

Notoriously difficult to find, Clockers is widely regarded as one of Hamburg’s best kept secrets and an absolute must on any slightly more sophisticated stag do. Look out for the discrete doorbell and buzz your way in, like some sort of exclusive 1920s speakeasy rocketed into modern day life. Once you’re in, it’s almost like a treehouse with moss-lined walls, neatly piled wood and fairy lights lining branches hanging from the ceiling. The expertly trained staff will be waiting on hand to recommend something which suits every individual palette, whether you’re after something safe that you know and love, or want to try something a bit new on your stag do. It’s even got its own house-distilled Clockers Gin, which you can enjoy in the main bar or in the library-esque upper-floor that’s all woody tones, soft lighting and Chesterfield seating. Plus, as you’re just a five minute walk from Reeperbahn, you can have a few drinks in this mystical Narnia-esque world before heading out to get your red light fix.

  • No. of Bars: One

  • Sports:No

    (Video) Experience a crazy STAG NIGHT OUT with Pissup!

  • Beer Garden:No

  • Opening Times: Mon – Thurs: 19:00 – 01:00
    Fri – Sat: 19:00 – 03:00

  • Live Music:Yes

  • Fancy Dress:No

Taubenstraße 13, 20359

This bar pretty much represents everything about stag dos in Hamburg. Chug, chug, chug. Just off Reeperbahn, The Chug Club doesn’t look anything from the outside, but step in for an experience you won’t forget. This temple to spirits (yes, the alcoholic kind) knows the perfect alchemy to concocting high-end drinks. However, these are not just your usual kind of drinks. The simple concept of this complex bar, is to fill small glasses (chugs) with your favourite flavours, each with their own potency, starting at high and ending in lethal. An average five chug tray is going to cost you around €20, so it’s not the cheapest in the area but it’s certainly worth it. It won’t take many chugs before you’re on your knees, trust us.

  • No. of Bars: One

  • Sports:No

  • Beer Garden:Small outdoor seating area

  • Opening Times: Sun – Thurs: 18:00 – 02:00
    Fri – Sat: 18:00 – 04:00

  • Live Music:No

  • Fancy Dress:Yes, tasteful

Spielbudenpl. 21/22, 20359

Located within St. Pauli, GAGA spans multiple areas, is open ‘til 6am and knows how to have a good time. As soon as you walk in off the street, you’ll be transported to a booze soaked wonderland which you’ll never want to leave. This edgy warehouse-esque venue knows how to host a proper club night with lively bar staff concocting awesome drinks, people dressed in quirky costumes whipping the crowd up into a frenzy and playing some of the biggest and most popular chart topping tunes. GAGA has extremely popular club nights most weekends, including ‘Deja-Vu House Classic’ which combines the biggest hits of 25 years of electronic music and ‘80s Lovers’ which does exactly as it says on the tin.

  • No. of Bars: Three

  • Sports:No

  • Beer Garden:No

  • Opening Times: Fri: 20:00 – 06:00
    Sat: 21:00 – 06:00

  • Live Music:No

  • Fancy Dress:Yes, tasteful

Reeperbahn 17, 20359

Since opening its doors back in 1945, the Reeperbahn nightlife scene has been revolutionised by Lehmitz. The truly unique ambiance attracts people from all different walks of life, and unites all visitors encouraging them to get up and dance on their chairs and tables, swilling pints as they go in a Bier Keller style p*ss up. What you’ll find cool about this bar is its 40 metre long U-shaped counter that doubles as a stage for live performances; it really gets everyone involved and encourages interaction from the roaring crowds.

  • No. of Bars: One

  • Sports:No

  • Beer Garden:No

  • Opening Times: Mon – Weds: 16:00 – 02:00Thurs – Sat: 14:00 – 02:00

    Sun: 12:00 – 00:00

  • Live Music:Yes

  • Fancy Dress:Yes

Große Freiheit 11, 22767

With its own currency (Dollhouse dollars), Dollhouse is a Hamburg institution. The neon-lit Dollhouse sign will pull you off (steady on) the Reeperbahn and into the illustrious wonderland that’s been entertaining stag parties since opening its doors in 1997. The dark interiors give an illustrious ambiance and having yourself a table dance from one of the dolls will cost you around €30. With sultry pole dancers showcasing their best moves right in front of your eyes and scantily dressed shot girls keeping you topped up through the night, Dollhouse is a recipe for stag do success. There’s also a drinks list as long as your arm, with every spirit you could possibly imagine and then a few more to boot.

  • No. of Bars: One

  • Sports:No – who’s looking at screens…

  • Beer Garden:No

  • Opening Times: Sun – Thurs: 21:00 – 04:00
    Fri – Sat: 21:00 – 05:00

  • Live Music:No

  • Fancy Dress:No

Silbersackstraße 9, 20359

Probably the cheapest bar on the Reeperbahn, Zum Silbersack welcomes your stag do with open arms. It’s been around since 1949 and has become a bit of a cult within Hamburg, as it continually delivers cheap drinks and German power ballads in equal measures. We’ll be honest, the floors are a bit sticky, the air is vaguely smoky and the no-frills staff aren’t going to serve you cocktails with origami adornments, but, it’s the most authentic and real stag do boozer you could possibly come across – with think you’ll love it. Like time stood still, Zum Silbersack is like a 1950s German tavern on the inside, with wooden furnishings and vintage check curtains, but that’s all part of its charm. This corner building has multi-coloured tiles and graffiti murals on the exterior walls – you can’t miss it – and knowing you’ll get more bang for your buck, so to speak, you’ll be washing down trebles with pints of Astra until you can’t see. Prost!

  • No. of Bars: One

  • Sports:No

  • Beer Garden:No

  • Opening Times: Thurs: 17:00 – 05:00Fri: 15:00 – 05:00Sat: 15:00 – 06:00

    Sun 17:00 – 01:00

  • Live Music:No

  • Fancy Dress:Yes, tasteful

It’s not all about the Reeperbahn – get the lads active before descending in to debauchery

View All Activities in Hamburg

With everything from beer hall entry and brewery tours, to shooting packages and strippers on-board your own boat, there’s plenty to keep you occupied in Hamburg.

1. Strip Boat 2. Guided Bar Crawl & Strip Club Entry
3. Strip Dinner 4. Sexy Maid Wake up Service
5. American School Bus 6. Brazilian Rodizio Meal
7. Dirty Harry Shooting – 30 Shots 8. Escape Rooms
9. Hot Rod Tour 10. Outdoor Karting – 30 mins

Our Hamburg stag do accommodation is safe, secure and central – leaving you to concern yourselves with the more important things on this trip, like where that next round of steins is coming from.

1. Meininger Hamburg

Detox in style

A pretty snazzy three-star option, this crash pad has a games room to help you detox in comfort – and an on-site bar if you prefer the hair of the dog approach. Located near Altona Railway Station, it is also the perfect base should you want a weekend that’s not just centred around the Reeperbahn.

2. A&O Hostel Hamburg City

Fresh and clean

Clean and extremely comfortable, this hostel feels as fresh as any hotel while the location is perfect if you need a bit of shuteye after a heavy night on the tiles. Nestled just outside the city centre, it is a great launch pad to hit the bars without the potential headache of a 5am singsong in the street keeping you all awake.

3. Generator Hamburg

Just minutes from Central Station

Once a recording studio used by the iconic Beatles, you’ll be staying in a piece of Hamburg history when crashing here. With sleek dorms and private rooms, you’ll have plenty of room to spread out in the Generator.

4. St Joseph

Right in the heart of St Pauli

St Pauli has been Hamburg’s coolest district for some time. The footy side are a hipster’s favourite, while it is also littered with trendy boozers and the infamous Reeperbahn – so what better place to set up base for a stag weekend than his snug and snazzy spot right in the heart of it. Plus, you even get your brekkie chucked in!

5. Ibis Budget Hamburg City

Vorsprung durch Technik

A solid and affordable option, this Ibis is an advert for German efficiency. The communal spaces are nice and open, while the rooms are built for ease. There’s everything you need without any clutter, and the location couldn’t be much better.

6. Arcotel Onyx

Set in St. Pauli, home to Reeperbahn

The high quality rooms in Arcotel Onyx have comfy beds, flat screen TVs, iPhone docking stations and minibars included, making it a stag do paradise.

7. A&O Hostel Hamburg Hauptbahnhof

Stylish and cool

A former industrial warehouse that has been converted into a stylish and cool hostel – that’s about as German as listening to Kraftwerk in an Audi. And this chic little hostel is an awesome spot, with unbelievably stylish bedrooms and furnishings that wouldn’t look out of place in a four-star hotel. A real gem.

View all 7 Hotels

(Video) Stag Party Hamburg Ideas – Europe – The Stag’s Balls

Add action-packed activities and top accommodation to your Hamburg package, and let us create your ultimate stag do package


With one of the biggest miniature railways in the world, the oldest fun fair on Earth and more breweries than you can shake a stick at – you don’t have to travel far in Hamburg to soak up that local culture.

We’re guessing beaches weren’t the first thing you thought of when you discussed having a stag do in Hamburg, but you’d be surprised with the wealth of options for sun, sea and sand lovers out there. Among the many fantastic beachy areas of Hamburg, is Strand Pauli. This urban beach is the epitome of cool, with a laid-back day vibe and a hive of bars and clubs by night. There are even lively beach clubs with dancefloors and top DJs – Ibiza, eat your heart out. See here if you want to find out a little more about Hamburg’s glorious beaches.


Speicherstadt (The Warehouse District)

20457 Hamburg, Germany

Adjacent to the harbour (more about that later), the warehouse district stands proudly just above the waterline. These neo-gothic buildings were once used to store goods such as spices and coffee, and have been renovated in recent years to keep their distinctive, Amsterdam-like style. You can take a tour of the area and sample Hamburg’s own Holsten Pilsiner whilst you’re at it, in the hugely popular local eateries that have sprung up all around this edgy district.

Willy-Brandt-Straße 47, 20457 Hamburg, Germany

This is one of the oldest breweries in Hamburg, meaning that you’ll sample a slice of history whilst drinking beer – there are no cons to this plan, right? Groeninger brews its own beer, Groninger Pils (with water directly sourced from the famous Luneburg Heath), which you can then tap and drink from old oak barrels for a truly authentic experience. You can also get yourselves some hearty homemade dishes or some speciality small plates whilst you’re there, soaking up that beer in the very best way possible.

Kehrwieder 2-4/Block D, 20457, Hamburg, Germany

If you’re a bit of an eccentric nerd at heart and remember painting little Warhammer characters before taking them into ‘battle’, or if you just need something cool and cultural to do whilst you’re working off a hangover, you’ll appreciate a trip to Miniatur Wunderland. One of the largest of its kind in the world, this railway is seriously impressive, consisting of miniature versions of Harz, the fictitious city of Knuffingen, the Alps and Austria, Hamburg, America, Scandinavia, Switzerland, a replica of the Hamburg Airport and Italy. It’s constantly being added to, and by 2020, the exhibit is expected to have reached its final construction phase, including at least a total of ten new sections in a model area of over 2,300 m2. We recommend checking it out when it’s all lit up at night, too.

We know we’ve mentioned it before, but there’s nothing like the atmosphere of a bierhaus in its home country – think, a UK Bier Keller but more traditional, authentic and, in most cases, cheaper. Hamburg’s extensive choice of cosy Kneipen (that’s German for ‘pubs’ FYI) will leave you with hundreds of options, but our favourite bierhauses on the scene have to be Block Bräu, Altes Mädchen, Schumachers Biergarten (with its extensive beer garden), and, of course, the ultimate Hofbrauhaus. If you want to know a little bit more about Hamburg’s beloved beer culture, have a read of this.


Port and Harbour of Hamburg

Port of Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany

Germany’s largest port is widely considered the ‘Gateway to the World’, covering an area of 73.99 km². Basically, it’s massive and impressive. If you’re not satisfied with just looking around the harbour, you can even climb on-board a Russian submarine and experience the harbour from below the waterline. We reckon that’ll go down well, don’t you? It even plays host to Hamburg Port Festival, the city’s biggest annual event. Taking place in May, this festival attracts over a million visitors each year and celebrates the birthday of the harbour – with fireworks and beer… ‘Tis the German way, after all.


Hamburger Dom (Funfair)

Heiligengeistfeld, 20359 Hamburg, Germany

Established in 1329, Hamburger Dom is one of Europe’s oldest funfairs. If you love your rollercoasters and your big wheels, you can’t miss it; it’s even home to the world’s largest portable rollercoaster, Olympic Looping. However, if you prefer your feet firmly on the ground, there are plenty of street vendors serving awesome German food and most importantly, steins of beer. Taking place in late March, late July and late November, if you’re celebrating in your stag do in Hamburg on these dates, we’d 100% recommend checking it out.


Fischmarkt (Fish Market)

Große Elbstraße 2a, 22767 Hamburg, Germany

You might be thinking “eh, they’re sending us to a fish market on a stag do, are they crackers?”. The answer is no, we’re not crackers and you’ll thank us later for recommending this one. Every Sunday since 1703, the River Elbe attracts over 70,000 people looking for a good old fashioned knees up. The fish market-turned-street festival has live music, street vendors and beer stalls as far as the eye can see. As it’s by the harbour, the seafood stalls are super popular, where you can get your hands on everything from premium lobster to a fish finger sandwich (there’s always one).

Alster Lake, 20148 Hamburg, Germany

Catch some of the Alstervergnugen action on your stag do, with a visit to Lake Alster. This annual summer festival sees the lake spring to life with sports including wakeboarding, water-skiing, rowing and sailing. Meanwhile, 500 national and international artists, acrobats and athletes showcase their stuff on dry land, providing entertainment from 10am until midnight. It’s a good spot to people watch with an ice cold beer (read: recover from the night before) and the fireworks display afterwards is pretty cool, too.

St. Pauli, Hamburg, Germany

You don’t need us to recommend the Reeperbahn – the reputation which precedes it is absolutely accurate. Widely regarded as ‘Hamburg’s most sinful mile’, the Reeperbahn is Hamburg’s answer to Amsterdam’s Red Light District. The strip itself is 930 metres exactly and is filled to capacity with back-to-back sex shops, erotic shows and red-lit windows. It’s where The Beatles famously kick started their career back in the 60s and is also just around the corner from FC St. Pauli’s home ground, Millerntorstadion. As it’s listed on our Top 10 Cultural Attractions, that means that you can go home and claim to the missus that you went to those erotic bars and strip clubs for ‘cultural reasons’. You’re welcome.

Getting to



Hamburg Airport (or Flughafen Hamburg if you can recall your GSCE German) is the fifth busiest airport in Germany, dealing with over 17 million passengers annually. Located just over five miles north of the city centre, this bustling airport serves as a base for airlines including EasyJet, FlyBe and BMI Regional. Offering flights to and from more than 130 destinations worldwide – including long-hauls like Dubai and Newark – the airport is one of the main reasons that Hamburg is so popular, as it’s just so accessible. A taxi from the airport to the city centre, where most accommodation options can be found, will take around 15 minutes depending on traffic and could cost between €20-30, so we could recommend getting your transfers sorted before you go.

Airport Duration Airline
Birmingham Airport BHX 2h 10m FlyBe
Bristol Airport BRS 1h 40m BMI Regional
Edinburgh Airport EDI 1hr 50m EasyJet
Gatwick London Airport LGW 1hr 35m EasyJet
Manchester Airport MAN 1hr 45m EasyJet


Hamburg Airport (or Flughafen Hamburg if you can recall your GSCE German) is the fifth busiest airport in Germany, dealing with over 17 million passengers annually. Located just over five miles north of the city centre, this bustling airport serves as a base for airlines including EasyJet, FlyBe and BMI Regional. Offering flights to and from more than 130 destinations worldwide – including long-hauls like Dubai and Newark – the airport is one of the main reasons that Hamburg is so popular, as it’s just so accessible. A taxi from the airport to the city centre, where most accommodation options can be found, will take around 15 minutes depending on traffic and could cost between €20-30, so we could recommend getting your transfers sorted before you go.

Airport Duration Airline
Birmingham Airport BHX 2h 10m FlyBe
Bristol Airport BRS 1h 40m BMI Regional
Edinburgh Airport EDI 1hr 50m EasyJet
Gatwick London Airport LGW 1hr 35m EasyJet
Manchester Airport MAN 1hr 45m EasyJet

HVV (Hamburg’s Transport Association) is your stag do best mate. No matter what form of transport you choose to take, it’ll ensure that you get from A – B in one piece and for a pretty decent price – having buses, ferries and trains to its name, all accessible by a single ticket. Alternatively, there are bikes, taxis and your own pins to get you about. In other words, sorting out transport for the lads on your Hamburg stag do will be a piece of cake.


Public buses cover the entire city, with bus stops clearly signposted and route maps at each stop so that you can get your bearings. A single fare will cost you around €3.30, an all-day ticket around €7.70 and a group ticket can cost as little as €12. The three different types of bus that you need to be aware of are the MetroBus, the SchnellBus and the NachtBus. Firstly, the MetroBus has four different lines on the rapid transit U-Bahn system and 91 stations across the city. The SchnellBuses cover around 10 different routes, with the one you’ll be using mostly being the Express between the Hauptbahnhof and Rathausmarkt (lines 35 and 37) and the Nachtbus which covers the main routes once the other buses have closed down for the night.

(Video) S3 E2: Hen and Stag Do’s and Don’ts!


Hamburg is fortunate to have the extremely useful HVV ferry system operating throughout the city centre. Operating every 15 minutes between 5.30am and 11.15pm, these ferries are used by locals and tourists alike. Using this ferry is a much cheaper alternative to the tourist-oriented harbour ferries and tickets are the same as for the buses, which can be purchased from vending machines at most stops.


Hamburg has strict laws when it comes to taxi services, ensuring that people only travel with professional companies. These approved taxis can be spotted due to their ivory colour and ‘taxi’ sign on the roof – and can be found in their masses at the airport and all main train stations in Hamburg. Taxis generally operate fixed, metred fares, making it easy to work out how much each journey is going to cost before you make it. We offer transfers from the airport and our stag do activities can come with transfers and guides who will collect you from your accommodation – taking the hassle out of getting around.


Despite being an extremely big city, the Hamburg hotspots – including Town Hall building, St. Petri medieval church and Hafen City – are notoriously easy to get around by foot. Hamburg’s main tourist attractions, bars and nightclubs are all pretty much all within walking distance of the central accommodation that you’ll be staying in. If you want to take in a bit of the local culture and scout out your new favourite bars at the same time, there are several walking tours available for free.


If you’re feeling up to it after a night on the steins, hiring a bike is a great way to get around Hamburg and sweat out some of that booze whilst you’re at it. Luckily for you, the city is pretty flat and has easily accessible stretches of cycle path, meaning that your ride will be completely hassle free, and the best part is that it’s super cheap. Probably the most pocked friendly form of transport after walking, the StadtRAD Hamburg bikes are free for the first half an hour and then €0.08 per minute or €12 per day. There are 120 service points around the city, meaning that if you’re savvy enough, you can ride for free all day long.

Pretty cheap compared to its German counterparts like Berlin and Munich, here are some estimates of the average prices you’re going to be forking out once you’re there

Average Price of a Lap Dance

€25 (£22)

Average Price of a Pint

€2.50 (£2.21)

Average Price of a Kebab

€4 (£3.50)

Average Price of a Nightclub Entry

€11 (£9.70)

Like much of mainland Europe, Hamburg experiences real highs and lows in temperature, as well as rainfall. The summer months can be scorching, making that beer taste even better, but the cold months are an excuse to get in those bars and get working on your booze jacket (it’s a tough job but somebody has to do it).

March 2023


March in Hamburg is cool. Not check shirts and ironic glasses kind of cool, single figure temperatures kind of cool…


























Hamburg Facts

The Beatles

The legendary English band, The Beatles, held their first ever live performance in Hamburg’s Indra Club – which is still open today.


At its peak, there were around 3,000 prostitutes working in Hamburg’s Red Light District, compared to around 300 nowadays.


There are around 2,500 bridges in Hamburg – more than Amsterdam, London and Venice put together.

We’ve got all the best stag do activities Hamburg has to offer – from Vehicle Vandalising & Strip Boats to Hopperbrau Brewery Visit & Hamburg Stadium Tours.

View All Activities in Hamburg

*We take pride in our work and all of the information in the guide was correct at the time of publication – 02/01/2023. Probably.
Please note: Some of the details above may be affected by ongoing COVID19 restrictions. Please see our Coronavirus Advice for Stags and Hens for more info.

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Introduction: My name is Wyatt Volkman LLD, I am a handsome, rich, comfortable, lively, zealous, graceful, gifted person who loves writing and wants to share my knowledge and understanding with you.

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